Is there a plan to destroy America?

Is there a plan to destroy America?


Former Governor Dick Lamm (D-CO) is still today waking up America to its planned demise.  “All great nations commit suicide”, he stated in 2003 and repeats that statement often.  Judge for yourself. The audio clip with Lamm’s voice articulating a “seven-point plan-to-destroy-America” can be found on this website: It does not take a scholar to recognize the simple strategy to fundamentally transform America using seven specific tactics. First and second tactics: turn America into a multi-lingual and multi-cultural nation, i.e. create a modern “tower of Babel” where nobody understands one another.  European heads of state (Merkel/Germany, Sarkozy/France, Cameron/UK, Cardinal Walter Kasper/Germany) have admitted (2010) that multi-culturalism has been a major failure, yet nothing has changed. Encouraging people to live according to the culture of their heritage and speak its language creates rivalries that may well result in civil war. Integration without assimilation destroys cohesion. Virtually all countries with 2 or more cultures and languages constantly face the threat of a break-up along cultural lines (Belgium, Spain etc). Remember Scotland almost voted itself out of the United Kingdom.

3) Redefine the meaning of words like “diversity”, i.e. celebrate our differences, not our common beliefs and principles. Diversity means dividing people into groups by culture and language. That is why they had to invent the oxymoron “unity in diversity”.  This is like fitting a round peg into a square hole. The original American motto was E PLURIBUS, UNUM, from many (cultures), one (culture) has been reinterpreted to mean that America is many cultures. No country can be more than one culture. None.

4) Keep minorities uneducated, for they will vote for “goodies” from their benefactors in office

5) Have foundations and private organizations fund these efforts to provide a comfortable welfare system that perpetuates itself and keeps them dependent on government.

6) Allow and even encourage dual citizenship so as to weaken loyalty to their adopted country, although the Oath of Allegiance signed by all new immigrant citizens clearly states that they commit to loyalty to the US exclusively. Activist “journalists” like Univision’s Jorge Ramos, brag about their dual citizenship and often vote in US elections and elections of their country of birth. Mexico’s President Zedillo publicly encouraged Mexicans in the US to “vote Mexico’s interests”. “ Of the 35.8 million people of Mexican descent in the U.S., 68 percent are native-born, and more than a quarter of those born in Mexico have become U.S. citizens”

7) Make it taboo to talk about anything except “diversity” as an ideal tool for social and other kinds of justice. Corporations are spending hundreds of millions to “teach” diversity to their managers, yet cannot define what “diversity” is. Do corporate CEOs really want to pick a decision from a diverse group of direct-reports or implement their own best judgment?  “Unity in Diversity” is a fantasy. Emphasizing our differences cannot possibly lead to “unity”.  Harvard Professor and friend of Obama, Robert Putnam got into trouble raising doubts about the usefulness of “diversity”, several years after his famous research into integration and assimilation (Bowling Alone, 2000). His book observed that integration has indeed been happening but without assimilation. We are a community during the week and on the job, but we go our separate ways on weekends. Why, because we have our own cultural preferences. Diversity divides; it does not unite people. Integration without assimilation destroys cohesion. Another professor got into trouble for speaking her (conservative) mind about affirmative action and race relations. Amy Wax (Penn State Law School) was “demoted” by not being allowed to teach a required first-year course because minority students might be offended by her contrarian public opinion. Academic Freedom and Freedom Of Speech on campus are mere historic relics.


Ideology Redefining Traditional Values

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, made a remarkably frank and honest statement in 2015 when, in response to a reporter’s question, he stated with a grin on his face: “We (politicians) all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we have done it”. Some politicians act out of expediency (go along to get along), others seem to really believe what they claim, perhaps only because they reside in an echo chamber and keep hearing the same message from colleagues, so it must be true. Of course, Liberals claim the Right is living in an echo chamber. The difference is that Conservatives are people of conviction via the path of discovery and analysis, whereas Liberals rarely know why they believe certain things, but they are sure that those beliefs are absolutely true. How often do Liberals respond to a Conservative explanation by saying that if only they knew as much about the topic as the Conservative does, they could make a better argument against the other side? How would they know without knowing what they don’t know? Speaking from my own experience, I changed my mind when I finally understood some important truths while I was still a believer in JFK Democracy. Yes, converts tend to have stronger and more well-founded opinions than others who are simply born into a particular belief system.

To forestall Conservatism, Liberalism had to redefine itself as Progressivism which then had to redefine the terms of our political discourse. Words like diversity no longer mean “dividing into categories”, but unifying diverse people. The problem arises when people realize the unnatural if not contradictory application of “diversity” which collided with the old truth that people of a feather flock together. This is the phenomenon that Professor Robert Putnam described in his book “Bowling Alone” wherein he explains that society has integrated neighborhoods with diverse people, but they did not assimilate nor socialize together. So, Progressives found this term “inclusion” as a fix, albeit a weak one, necessitating another oxymoronic notion found in the expression “unity in diversity”. Instead of promoting the brilliantly apt original motto for America E PLURIBUS, UNUM (from many cultures, into one American culture), they unraveled basic American cohesion, as evidenced by racial and ethnic strife everywhere. At least the European Heads of State had the courage to admit that their policies of “multi=culturalism” have failed. Europe is suffering the unintended consequences of those policies, as America has begun to suffer the same pain. You cannot expect diverse immigrants to become American when government encourages them to live their ancestral ways within our borders. It is the seed of America’s, and the West’s, demise..

Fairness is another one of those favorite concepts that Obama and his Progressive band of community organizers love. In response to press questions about the application of lower tax rates to actually improve the flow of taxes to the federal government, as happened during the Reagan years, the President responded by saying that it is a matter of fairness to keep the rates high. Where was that logic born? what is not fair about reducing tax rates and actually ending up with more tax dollars in the federal treasury. Not fair to whom? Fairness or spite?

Equality, Justice, and Equity are the holy grail for Progressive pundits. Like the other “words” they sound good, so they must be good. And of course, intent is what counts, not results. In the world of philosophy, the means justify the end, provided of course that the intended end is just if not pure. The US Constitution guarantees “equality before the law”. Progressives ignore that fundamental right and construct new equality and demand social justice, economic justice etc…. why? they simply want a new conversation with a new lexicon. Equity is something that most of us know as being earned over time, such as equity in a property, equity within a social group based on past performance or at least reputation. But in the Progressive world, like the monopoly game, we start out with a certain amount of equity, so as to equalize performance and results. What they do not realize or understand is the individuals thusly given “equity” will expect that assist throughout life, making them dependent on government or other people for their advancement. No incentive to improve one’s own efforts and results. Surely they will tell me that I “simply do not understand” the issue. It is not fair that some beings are born into poverty while others are born into wealth or talent. They want to change what God has created. Just like environmentalist Quijote taking on the biggest boldest windmills and changing the world’s temperature, although they do not know whether the temperature should go up or down.

The re-ordering of values does not stop there. The biggest Progressive machine in the world is the UN which has the ultimate windmill to tackle: human society, and underwritten to the extent of 75% by American taxpayers who do not want the UN to be giving orders to the United States. Its Agenda21 has detailed templates for all communities around the world to live as dictated by UN’s people-controlling standards in the social, environmental, economic and even cultural domains. Our international poster child in the Midwest is Dubuque, getting medals and recognition for its “sustainability” program. After 5 years of formal procedures, they still do not know what it is costing its taxpayers and what exactly the return on their tax dollars has been or will be…Sustainability, equality, equity, diversity, multiculturalism, climate change are all in the newly revised edition of the Progressive mind.


New Year’s Lament

I went and got a college education

To learn about truth in this nation

Patiently waiting for it to appear

As promised by Prof. Godot, oh so clear

“Truth exists, he said, I have seen its manifestations”

Yet, time after time, like ghost revelations

They appear and quickly disappear,

Perhaps truth comes this year…

Universities of Intolerance

The University of Notre Dame recently invited the noted conservative thinker and author of Coming Apart, Dr. Charles Murray, to address faculty and students on the hot topics of today. This was done in the tradition of freedom of speech, academic freedom,  balanced representation of critical issues. In the past, liberal speakers such as Harvard Professor Robert Putnam, who is a recognized authority on the subject of diversity (his book BOWLING ALONE was a best-seller), graced the ND auditorium in a welcoming atmosphere. Such a welcome was not extended to Dr. Murray, nor to other conservative speakers before him. Noisy and often violent protesters, organized presumably by on- and off-campus left-wing organizations who smell hell’s sulphur in conservative speech.

Just like the word “liberal” has been corrupted to no longer mean “liberty”, but its opposite, i.e. politically-correct, anti-tradition, even anti-history, so has the treasured university policy of guaranteeing “academic freedom” and “freedom of speech” become an empty promise. It is useful, if not ironic to remember that conservatives are the original “classic liberals”, promoting individual freedom of thought, respect and tolerance. How things have changed. It is a well-known fact that conservative professors, at least in state-financed colleges,  although many private ones have joined this anti-intellectual movement, learn to keep their mouths shut, for fear of being ostracized. Only some long-tenured professors and non-career adjuncts seem to have the courage of their conviction and speak out on campus, putting their longevity in jeopardy. Liberal professors have no such concerns.

After retiring from three decades in global business activities, i became one of those adjuncts at a private university and naively expected vigorous discussions for and against the great topics of the moment. I learned quickly, however, that many, if not most, full-time faculty were indeed liberal, some ridiculing any conservative comment. I learned quickly that today’s faculty are ideologically driven in whatever subject they teach. I learned, for instance, that cultural anthropology can have a left or right “spin”. I cannot help but think back to my college experience of the 1960s when the great professors that I respected highly, did not betray a personal perspective. They presented all sides of an argument. Just like journalism has been corrupted to become advocacy reporting, so has the teaching profession. The result of course has been that students are no longer taught to analyze and argue differing perspectives, but are injected with a singular viewpoint, or set of talking-points which they naturally accept as the absolute truth, and regurgitate  instinctively. This, therefore, explains why they are so upset at conservative speech which threatens their intellectual glass foundation. Having been empowered by their liberal High School teachers, they feel empowered and will  challenge conservative professors, while robotically agreeing with liberal ones. Furthermore, so often students seem to take control of a university with weak management and dictate the terms of university reform. (students teaching the teachers?).We have witnessed campus upheavals where liberal professors act out a sort of “Stockholm Syndrome” and become part of the robotic behavior chaos (e.g. Mizzou). Most students don’t know the Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, the intellectual statesman for the leftist cause, but they act in accordance with many of those so-effective rules: #5 ridicule is man’s best weapon against an enemy; others: repeat a lie frequently, it will stick; push the envelope of your adversary’s rules, they will become “broken”. Have you heard this one?…..accuse and never explain …. This new atmosphere is  totally opposite of what a college campus is supposed to breed: open, inquisitive and tolerant minds

Demographic Change or Immigrant Invasion?

Is it possible that waves of Muslim refugees and Mexican immigrants will fundamentally change Exceptional America, i.e. change American values and principles. Exhibit 1 could be: Jorge Ramos who is Mexico’s pre-eminent propagandist on American airwaves. Born in Mexico and a naturalized US citizen, he pontificates as Univision’s nightly news anchor and weekly TV magazine show host, strongly supporting and encouraging Mexican immigration into the US, as if Mexicans had a natural right to do so. Of course, Jorge ignores the basic concept of national sovereignty and rule-of-law.  His rationale consists of two main points: 1) immigrants contribute far more ($2B) to the US economy than they “take” in welfare, incarceration, education and other social costs 2) “America is our country, not theirs” and “we are not going to leave”“there is a demographic shift in America and there is nothing that America can do about it. Of course, this shift is aided and abetted by a succession of US governments which catered to a small number of businesses that exploit cheap labor, and “liberal” politicians who see future Democrat voters that will outvote the doomed Republican party of dying white folks. He claims 60 million Latinos in the US (which includes Brazilians, Cubans and South Americans some of whom do not get along with Mexicans and do not agree with the socialist attitudes from Mexico and Central America) and predicted 100 million by 2044 when “whites” will be statistically a minority. He made these arrogant statements at the televised Premio Lo Nuestro (a Latino Entertainment Awards show) broadcast Friday March 3, 2017. While he has always been fiercely pro-illegal and pro-open borders, he has dropped references to diversity and tolerance in his subtle and hatefully anti-American rhetoric. Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs and Bill O’Reilly on Fox News invite him occasionally to explain his twisted logic, but he only cites “his” facts that are supposed to lead us dummies to conclude that they are doing us a favor. Statistics like 15% of all federal prisoners being Mexican citizens does not disturb him at all. He and the Mexican government demand perfect justice for the 30% of the Mexican population that lives, legally or illegally, within the US borders. Yet, Mexico has a terrible human rights record when it comes to “foreigners” in Mexico, especially Central Americans in transit to the US., having erected a fence on their border with Guatemala.It is a felony to be in Mexico illegally. When asked to explain this alarming statement that “America is ours, not theirs“, he changes the subject; it soon becomes clear that the message was intended only for Mexican ears. What nobody considers is the fact that massive immigration tends to change the host culture beyond recognition. As Rome was changed by the Barbarians, as Native American culture was subsumed by the European culture, so will massive Hispanic/Latino immigration change the values and principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Sixteen million Latino viewers get their biased news from Univision every night; another 5 million from equally-liberal Telemundo and CNN En Espanol. The question I have posed to immigration pundits but remains unanswered is this: If the 1920’s quota-based immigration law was discriminatory because it favored Europeans, then why is the 1965 law not de facto  discriminatory because it clearly favors Mexicans due to their proximity? Texas is beginning to realize that the demographic change also means a fundamental cultural change. A new slogan is appearing on T-shirts: DON’T CALIFORNIA MY TEXAS.…California is essentially a Mexican state…. Muslim and Hispanic immigrants bring with them totally different cultural values and principles which subsume the American culture over time. Just ask what these immigrants are proud of, and they will proudly talk about their foreign heritage, not their new homeland…

Stalinist College Campus

Once again, a Conservative pundit has been barred from speaking at a college campus, under the pretext of “security concerns”. Ben Shapiro was to speak on the topic of FREE SPEECH on the campus of De Paul University on Wednesday Nov 15, 2016, but was barred by 30 security elements installed by college management. the concern about security is code for “we don’t like conservative speech”. In other words, the institution that most represents freedom of expression, has become a virtual Stalinist gulag for conservative or libertarian speech.  The following day, Shapiro was almost derailed at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (WI) when a small group of students did their best to deny him his free speech moment. Shapiro did not insist on arresting the agitators because, according to administration wisdom, any arrests mean an immediate end to the event. Then, on the evening news we hear that those pusillanimous students walked out of classes at prestigious colleges like George Mason U.,  Tuft and many others, to protest the democratically elected Donald Trump. They simply cannot tolerate any amount of unpleasant moments, let alone real adversity, and therefore need “safe spaces” on campus to mourn the defeat of their pre-ordained candidate. Why do they  need a safe and quiet place, when they control the whole campus? is it not the conservatives that need this kind of protection from the violent and intolerant leftist students? Sadly, so many colleges and universities, both public and private, have become incubators of intolerance at the hands of radically liberal faculty and students who are acting as their own thought-police. Can you imagine being banned from the campus of the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson himself, a great champion of free speech?  Conservative pundits are routinely barred by these college wusses who feel traumatized by conservative speech that challenges their simplistic beliefs, all based on their “good intentions”.Their liberal echo-chamber in which they obviously live, ignores the fact that more Americans self-identify conservative than liberal (PEW and GALLOP surveys), except perhaps on college campuses. Virtually all universities claim “academic freedom” beyond the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. They live outside the mainstream, have a closed mind, and develop their own reality with its own phantasmagorical lexicon with words that are either an oxymoron or are simply fraudulently applied to their fantasy world.Terms such as: social justice, diversity, multiculturalism, white privilege, micro-aggression, cultural misappropriation. These terms are weapons in their hands unless rational people challenge their interpretation. The thirteen rules for radicals authored by communist agitator and hero to Progressives like Hillary Clinton, are no longer enough to intimidate their opposition. Let’s hope that the new administration will withdraw funding from colleges and universities that show this abject intolerance for freedom of speech and intolerance for the positive side of American history. After all, they are in school to learn, not to teach.





My Last American Breath

Aye, to be right and popular

Nay, whether ‘tis nobler

To do good with dark reason

Or to do bad without treason

That is the question

Asked with great passion

For to suffer the slings of socialist misery

Or by reasoning with such a dissonant reveRide

As rendered by St. Hillary and Uncle Bernie

Conservatism must needs offer its mercy

That Liberals might abandon their rendition

And return from the edge of socialist perdition

Alas, equality for all

That none might fall

That none might toil

And socialism spoil

That none might fail

And abort sad socialist tale

That equity might be understood

As earned from family and the ‘hood

Not given or gifted

But from life brutally lifted

Right is but Liberalism after collision with reality

Left  is but life lived under threat of penalty

Conservatism is life lived as a free being

For which socialism has no feeling;

Born free, but everywhere in chains

Not free that which he disdains

Not wisdom nor clarity

Always ending in disparity

Followed by more laws and regulation

To twist and torture a whole nation

Born of Life, Liberty and Dream

Which Liberals find lean and mean

Oh give me liberty or give me death

Til I draw my last American breath


Millennial Angels for Mexico

Far from being an “act of love”, as Jeb Bush tried to convince us, massive migration from Mexico and Central America is an act of desperation, if not a major human tragedy. Clearly, the root cause of this migration is the fact that these nations are essentially failed states. They are failed states because of failed government policies, theirs and ours. So, building the world’s tallest wall on the southern border is no solution to this need to migrate, legally and illegally. Worse than wasted money and effort. Making Mexico pay for the wall is not tough love, but a frivolous penalty for Mexico’s use of the US economy as a crutch. Most Mexicans know what the problem is, and express it in the common lament: Poor Mexicans, so far from God, yet so close to the gringo. Pope Francis has already started God’s tough love approach by admonishing the Mexican elite to think about all of its people, not just its own personal enrichment.  Corruption is both a moral and an economic matter. The Pope can save their souls, but Millennial Angels armed with smart US foreign policy can save their economic, judicial and social well being.

Most Mexicans clearly know what they have to do. They have done it twice before. In 1810 they fought against the corrupt and oppressive Spanish rulers. In 1910 they fought against the corrupt and oppressive Mexican rulers. In 2010 they find it easier to simply avoid the issue all together and, like Romulus and Remus in early Rome, become sucklings at the teats of the conveniently accessible gringo cow, condemned to permanent dependence on the America’s foreign poverty program. The fundamental problems of corruption, violence and counter-productive central (non)-planning must be attacked. But when, if not now? Over one hundred thousand Mexicans have lost their lives over the past 20 years of ineffective policing of the narco traffic. There is no end in sight, unless the Mexican nation  becomes motivated to act. US law enforcement can help. But, why would they act if the gringo keeps subsidizing their wild-west economy in so many ways? Our assistance always seems to come down to US manufacturers investing in Mexico, not to help improve Mexican lives, but to exploit their cheap labor. Or is it? It is not really so much about cheap labor, but about lax rules, regulations and “flexible” officials, that make fully-automated factories cheaper to operate there than here (same in Brazil). The cheap labor flees to the US because NAFTA decimated parts of Mexican agriculture, and their government has no plans for those uneducated and poor farmers except “go al norte companero, the rich naive gringo will take care of you”.  

What if the US taxpayers stopped subsidizing this madness by stopping any and all discretionary “foreign aid” (Merida/Alliance for Prosperity Plan of $750M), renegotiating the unbalanced NAFTA agreement (25 years of $50B annual US trade deficit), taxing remittances of $22B per year, investigating and prosecuting suspiciously corrupt officials with ties to the US. How did Mexico get 16 billionaires? Carlos Slim is number one among 114 in all of Latin America, and top 3 in the world thanks to a sweetheart cell-phone monopoly in Mexico. Oh where is our non-profit-motivated millennial generation that is prepared to forsake some profits for righteous causes? This generation could lead the effort to re-allocate our assistance but under strict guidelines, enforceability and accountability. The millennials could  in effect lead a rescue-mission similar to the 1970s mission to Chile by famed economist Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Economics. Their intervention made it possible for Chile to be Latin America’s best managed free-market economy with average annual growth of 5%, despite the current socialist administration. (Mexico grew barely 1% per year since NAFTA). Chile has 12 billionaires and the same per capita GDP as Mexico despite an economy that is only 1/5th of Mexico’s. The millennial angels will figure a way to get US corporations to cooperate “for the greater good” of Mexico and America. Millennial Angels for “Peace, Prosperity and People”  working within government and corporations would virtually guarantee fair implementation of a government-business alliance to improve the lives of Mexicans and Central Americans at the economic, justice and social levels, alongside the spiritual one driven by Pope Francis.Bringing Hope, Change and Freedom to Mexico and Central America could be the Peace Corps of our age. Improving, if not booming economies south of the border would provide hope and inspiration to other impoverished and mismanaged economies. Most of the 25% of Mexican nationals living within US borders would happily return to a secure and prospering homeland, and with a will to raise Mexico out of its cesspool of corruption and violence, body and soul. Andale, “patria o muerte”.


809 words

The Art Of War Against ISIS

War is more art than science and technology. Presidential candidates are playing “war games” and competing for the trophy that would spell the end of the Islamic terrorist machine known as ISIS. It is clear that all murderous regimes like ISIS only understand force, and love to attack those who want to “make diplomatic love, not brutal war”. While carpet bombing seems like the force to dislodge them from their conquered lands, it will not be the move that will break their backs. Maybe the candidates have not learned the lessons of history, nor the wisdom of Sun Tzu, the Chinese master who taught his tactics to Chinese emperors 2500 years ago. Books have been written on Sun Tzu tactics applied to sports and business. His principles are taught in most American military schools. Certainly, the North Vietnamese applied Sun Tzu with great success against a much more powerful US military. Some of the successful tactics involved deception, clever use of spies, surprise (TET offensive), opportunity attacks on soft spots, infiltration of enemy ranks, mobility and agility of smaller insurgent forces hiding in plain sight (underground system of tunnels or in mosques), etc.. The tactic that made the final difference, however, was the feeding of the unwavering support for the war back home (Jane Fonda et al). Once news reporters (Walter Cronkite etc) started to question the wisdom of our actions, American youth became motivated to agitate against this and all wars, even in a violent manner (Bill Ayers bombing the Pentagon for example), bringing a superpower to its negotiating knees.

Should we apply similar tactics? General Sherman’s answer in the Civil War was “total war”, attacking not only military targets, but the supply chain that provided the goods from factories and farms, leaving of course collateral damage in his wake. The population of the South paid a price for supporting its Confederacy. Germans paid a similar price during WWII when we bombed their factories and cities (Cologne, Bremerhaven) to submit to our will. We nuclear-bombed Japan to kill the fanatic support of imperial Japan. We practiced deceit on D-Day. The Allies used spies and double agents to break the enemy’s secrets. Alas, our intelligence gathering capabilities have been compromised severely not only by the revelations by Mr. Snowdon, by probable hacking of unsecured official’s computers, and the infamous bilateral budget “sequester”, but mostly by ideologically motivated shifting of priorities, making further attacks on our homeland ever more likely

ISIS knows Sun Tzu. ISIS knows the West’s soft spots. And ISIS softens its own military installations by using civilians as shields. Having determined our soft side, ISIS uses that knowledge to paralyze the West. Let us note that the West has often sacrificed its own for the sake of a larger goal, not least of which are the Americans sacrificed in Benghazi and those recently abandoned in Iran, not to forget the Texians at the Alamo.. Yet the West is paralyzed by the likelihood of “collateral damage” in our defense against a brutal enemy. Our military and intelligence professionals know the art of war, and know how to win before the Russians and Chinese co-opt ISIS and turn it into a new cold war…