Captive Minds and the Academic Chastity Belt

The sad state of Learning in America’s Colleges

Pablum In, Pablum out.

Captive minds protected by an academic chastity belt.  That is the impression that academics leave with the average American.  While they perfunctorily promote the principles of freedom-of-speech and academic-freedom, they are often in contravention of those principles. Just publish your own beliefs about the state of higher learning, and you will be admonished for going off the reservation.  Such was the case of Professors Amy Wax (U. of Philadelphia Law School) and Larry Alexander (U. of San Diego Law School) after their August 9, 2017 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. They had the audacity (or courage) to express their observations about the institution having long ago abandoned those principles in favor of one-opinion-fits-all. The resulting suppression or oppression of thought reminds us of the George Orwell novel “1984” where uniformity and conformity were sacrosanct.

The authors blame the “breakdown of the country’s bourgeois culture” for the chaos on campus and Main Street.  Espousing “old” values such as gainful employment, hard work, patriotism, neighborliness, respect for authority, substance abuse avoidance etc. is not just frowned upon, but condemned. Instead of teaching responsibility, accountability and coping strategies, they teach victimhood for virtually all classes of people, except the white male. College administrators seem to go out of their way to guarantee the purity of their thinking with an academic chastity belt, removing any little adversity or challenge from their students ‘daily lives. They are protected in “safe” spaces away from “offending” thought and speech. This offensive speech is defined as hate speech and always linked to Conservative or Republican speech which is supposedly steeped in the evil known as capitalism. Capitalism is routinely vilified and blamed for all the ills in this world, though these ills are largely the result of socialist do-good policies (Disaster cities are all managed by Democrats).  What is that pabulum? Capitalism exploits the poor.

With precious few exceptions, these professionals seem to put their personal beliefs ahead of truth and critical thinking. This one-dimensional thinking is enforced through the grading system but also enforced physically in rallies that forcibly remove divergent speech with “muscle”.  Do not conservative speakers get pelted with objects on stage or never even make it to the stage to deliver their non-conforming message. Conservative articles seldom get published in newspapers for fear of upsetting their liberal readers. Furthermore, while promoting the holy grail of “diversity” in gender or ethnic identification, diversity of thought is strictly forbidden. To forestall any argument about the ideal of “diversity” which by definition divides people into classes, they devised an oxymoronic expression “unity in diversity”. Round peg into a square hole?

My own experience as an Adjunct Professor spans only 11 years, but provided ample proof of academic malfeasance to fill a book. Besides the distraction to learning caused by sports programs and “sports scholarships”, the injection of personal beliefs into the course material skews the students’ learning.  I was astonished to learn, for instance, that my specialty of cross-cultural management can have a right or left wing twist to it. Then, I was shocked by the conduct of a faculty-level book discussion group where I expected a semblance of academic freedom and freedom of thought, but I was wrong. I was virtually accused of racism for my habitually-skeptical approach to any new book, including one written by Ta-Nehisi Coates which I found to be a litany of complaints with which we are all sufficiently familiar. I inquired as to the follow-up work, preferably a work on solutions to the race problem, not a dwelling on the past that cannot be changed.  It was not to be.  All participants seemed to compete about ingratiating themselves to the black members in the room. One made sure that her kids had black dolls to play with; another actually married a black individual. It was the usual Sharpton-J.Jackson lecture of victimhood for Blacks. This book “review” was one more notch in the chastity belt, assuring the purity of racial thought among mono-chrome instructors.

More recently I commented on a professor friend’s Facebook page which raved against the NRA for causing school shootings. I wondered why we don’t ban cars since they kill more people annually than guns. I was immediately admonished for being so “uninformed” and that I should “be ashamed of myself” as an academic, but no counter argument was made, only the personal attack on me. In other words we have progressed to the “1984” status where everyone forcibly thinks the same way, like a mass of robots marching headlong into the abyss of academic nihilism.

Here is another example of group think. An after-hours on-campus conference compared native-born Blacks to immigrant Blacks. Research has been published (WSJ and others) showing that immigrant Blacks do better economically than native Blacks. This contrasts with findings in the Hispanic community that show the reverse. The highlight came when a recent immigrant from Jamaica made her comment to the effect that American-born Blacks seem to have a “sense of entitlement”, that they are owed something because of the past. The panel of black professors and students immediately white-washed the comment without even trying to formulate a counter argument.  Of course this commentary was not found in next day’s newspaper report.

I was flabbergasted that the newspaper which routinely published all the articles that I had submitted finally refused a particular one which questioned the assumption that the US is to practice multi-culturalism. I argued that indeed Americans come from many different cultures, but we all adopt the American culture and live accordingly, thereby providing cohesion as a nation.( The word “multi-culturalism”, like “democracy”, is not mentioned in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.) The practice of allowing or even encouraging people to live according to the culture of their heritage is what creates division and strife. As we know from the studies conducted by Robert Putnam (Harvard), integration without assimilation lacks national cohesion. Liberalism has taken these key words to the absurd extreme by crafting the oxymoronic slogan “unity in diversity”. This is tantamount to promoting open-minded debates in an Orwellian closed-mind environment, or higher education for lower expectations, i.e. fitting a round peg into a square hole. The elaborate chastity-belt is assuring compliance.

March 1, 2018…. 1062 words


Sanctuary America

What if all 50 states declared themselves sanctuary states?

The immigration lawyer hired by Montgomery County, Maryland, reportedly charges $575 per hour to steer the county government into a “sanctuary” status. Montgomery follows the trend started by cities like San Francisco and Chicago providing a “safe space” for illegal aliens who might be deported under the new administration managed by America’s deal-making president, Donald J. Trump. While the total city count is approaching 500, many counties and some states are planning to join this movement.

It is amazing that these governmental entities, which constantly petition the federal government for more and more funds, suddenly seem content with losing those federal dollars. The federal government could not have devised a better budget-reduction scheme than this. California alone receives about $350 Billion from the federal government annually. Could California survive without those dollars? Could virtually bankrupt Chicago and Illinois survive without federal money? Of course those cities and states that send more in taxes to Washington than they receive in federal payments might be delighted to stop receiving funds if they also then stop paying taxes to the federal government. It is obviously not as simple as making a political decision, but it does reflect a generalized “entitlement” mindset among political leaders.

Would this prospect not bring us back in part, to the origins of the United States when the foundational documents talked about a union between the “several states”? Have we not come too far from federalism? In fact, why do states send money to Washington only to receive part of that money, in some cases more than the original amount, back in our state?

I scratch my head and ask:  why do we have sanctuary cities in the first place? to protect illegal aliens from deportation or even prosecution by the entity whose constitutional job it is to enforce the country’s immigration laws? …to prevent family “break-ups”…. when the alien families broke themselves up when they left their homeland to come to the US? Finally, why do we have illegal aliens roaming the country freely against the wishes of a majority of citizens, some of whose wages have been depressed because of government-encouraged cheap foreign labor? Why has this problem not been fixed since it began after the demise of the Bracero (temporary labor permits) program over 50 years ago? Could it be that industry wants cheap labor and Democrats want cheap votes? One last question: if the 1920’s country-quota system was discriminatory because it favored Europeans (so said Ted Kennedy) then why is the current system not de facto discriminatory since it favors those who live close to America’s unprotected national border?

Why has America turned itself into a massive sanctuary for the failed state of Mexico and failing Central American states. Oh wait, America might as well be a “safe space” for everyone. Our college professors who seem to have “emotional incontinence” or “intellectual deprivation”, are leading the way in providing SAFE SPACE FOR …those in need of protection from diverse opinions.



Liberals Have Their Own Wall.

What is it about Liberals, especially Progressive Liberals, who believe that they are the immaculate repository of truth, understanding and, therefore, of the right policies that will improve the human condition? Naive at best. Only the individual can improve the self. Unfortunately, they confuse intent with effectiveness and results. All welfare programs start with good intentions. Temporary programs turn into permanent and ever-growing ones, just like the bureaucracies that feed on them to sustain their lucrative bureaucratic jobs. The best-known program is the War On Poverty which started during LBJ’s New Deal. As the nation has doubled in population, so has the dependent welfare class. The $20 Trillion (Heritage Foundation figure) spent over more than 50 years has not moved the 15% poverty rate downward.. Some 47 million US residents now take part in one or more of the 87 welfare programs “proudly” administered by the Agriculture Department, creating a permanent dependent class of residents. It is ironic that the Interior Department has a policy of discouraging the feeding of animals in America’s vast (40%) land owned by federal and state governments, for fear of creating an animal population dependent on handouts.

Liberal voters are so convinced that they are the majority, when polls by PEW and GALLUP consistently show that twice as many Americans self-declare Conservative as Liberal. Little do they realize that they are enjoying the (5) freedoms and the lifestyle made possible by the conservative principles of the nation’s founders. The late Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) used to whine about the discriminatory nature of the first immigration rules established in the 1920s, favoring Europeans. His 1965 reformed law only ended up creating a new de facto favored class: Mexicans and others From Latin America and the Caribbean. Why is this not discriminatory?

Why are minorities always voting for Democrats who are after all the party of the KKK? The short answer has to do with Democrat propaganda shifting the KKK onus on one particular Republican member (H. Bird, D-WVA). It was Democrats who obstructed every move in Congress to treat especially African-Americans the same as Whites. And it was Everett Dirksen (R-Chicago) who provided the majority votes in the Senate to pass the 1965 Civil Rights Act. And yet they keep voting for Democrats who have merely taken that class of Americans ‘for granted’ during the election season. Trump is the first Republican since Lincoln to bluntly challenge African-Americans to reflect on this, and start voting the party of Lincoln and of the Emancipation once again.

The Left loves to observe that the Right is so far to the right. Yet over the last 100 years, the Progressive wing of the Democrats has pulled their goal post so far to the left that the other goal post now seems far away. Conservative principles have not changed. After all, what good is a principle if it changes?

Young minds come to college with a poisoned mindset about America’s past. They are motivated to redress all the evils of the world, especially the many perpetrated by America. Many confuse civil-war with revolutionary war, and both wars happened just before they were born. Their 1960’s-raised teachers did not read American history books, but anti-American books written by our socialist adversaries. Obama and many of his generation were poisoned by assorted socialist and communist friends and family. (see D’Souza’s book The Root Of Obama’s Rage) According to them we stole the southwest from Mexico, without asking how the Mexicans came to possess those lands: through conquests led by their Spanish “masters”, i.e. the famous “conquistadores”.

They believe that love-your-enemy will cure all ills. Adversaries are not so naive to not read this as weakness. They strike out even more boldly, like hyenas ganging up on a severely injured lone lion. Obama’s love for Muslims has not saved us from attacks in the MidEast and anywhere else in the world…. it has made America vulnerable. Trump has made mid-America aware. We understood and voted for a major change from the Obama dubious “hope and change” model. Remember when Liberals told us in 2009: elections have consequences, get over it!”?…need a bump?


Equality Vs Equity