Is there a plan to destroy America?

Is there a plan to destroy America?


Former Governor Dick Lamm (D-CO) is still today waking up America to its planned demise.  “All great nations commit suicide”, he stated in 2003 and repeats that statement often.  Judge for yourself. The audio clip with Lamm’s voice articulating a “seven-point plan-to-destroy-America” can be found on this website: It does not take a scholar to recognize the simple strategy to fundamentally transform America using seven specific tactics. First and second tactics: turn America into a multi-lingual and multi-cultural nation, i.e. create a modern “tower of Babel” where nobody understands one another.  European heads of state (Merkel/Germany, Sarkozy/France, Cameron/UK, Cardinal Walter Kasper/Germany) have admitted (2010) that multi-culturalism has been a major failure, yet nothing has changed. Encouraging people to live according to the culture of their heritage and speak its language creates rivalries that may well result in civil war. Integration without assimilation destroys cohesion. Virtually all countries with 2 or more cultures and languages constantly face the threat of a break-up along cultural lines (Belgium, Spain etc). Remember Scotland almost voted itself out of the United Kingdom.

3) Redefine the meaning of words like “diversity”, i.e. celebrate our differences, not our common beliefs and principles. Diversity means dividing people into groups by culture and language. That is why they had to invent the oxymoron “unity in diversity”.  This is like fitting a round peg into a square hole. The original American motto was E PLURIBUS, UNUM, from many (cultures), one (culture) has been reinterpreted to mean that America is many cultures. No country can be more than one culture. None.

4) Keep minorities uneducated, for they will vote for “goodies” from their benefactors in office

5) Have foundations and private organizations fund these efforts to provide a comfortable welfare system that perpetuates itself and keeps them dependent on government.

6) Allow and even encourage dual citizenship so as to weaken loyalty to their adopted country, although the Oath of Allegiance signed by all new immigrant citizens clearly states that they commit to loyalty to the US exclusively. Activist “journalists” like Univision’s Jorge Ramos, brag about their dual citizenship and often vote in US elections and elections of their country of birth. Mexico’s President Zedillo publicly encouraged Mexicans in the US to “vote Mexico’s interests”. “ Of the 35.8 million people of Mexican descent in the U.S., 68 percent are native-born, and more than a quarter of those born in Mexico have become U.S. citizens”

7) Make it taboo to talk about anything except “diversity” as an ideal tool for social and other kinds of justice. Corporations are spending hundreds of millions to “teach” diversity to their managers, yet cannot define what “diversity” is. Do corporate CEOs really want to pick a decision from a diverse group of direct-reports or implement their own best judgment?  “Unity in Diversity” is a fantasy. Emphasizing our differences cannot possibly lead to “unity”.  Harvard Professor and friend of Obama, Robert Putnam got into trouble raising doubts about the usefulness of “diversity”, several years after his famous research into integration and assimilation (Bowling Alone, 2000). His book observed that integration has indeed been happening but without assimilation. We are a community during the week and on the job, but we go our separate ways on weekends. Why, because we have our own cultural preferences. Diversity divides; it does not unite people. Integration without assimilation destroys cohesion. Another professor got into trouble for speaking her (conservative) mind about affirmative action and race relations. Amy Wax (Penn State Law School) was “demoted” by not being allowed to teach a required first-year course because minority students might be offended by her contrarian public opinion. Academic Freedom and Freedom Of Speech on campus are mere historic relics.


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