The Art and Science of Our Differences

In the matter of comparing liberals and conservatives, science does not necessarily mean objective reality, nor does art mean subjective certainty. summarized 20 scientific studies, providing comfort for your side, whatever it is. Liberal minds, one study finds, “have significantly greater brain activity in the left insula area, while conservatives have significantly greater brain activity in the right amygdala”. Science concludes that biology influences differences in political attitudes and beliefs, as evidenced by differences in brain function during risk-taking tasks. In fact, parental socialization is less influential than biology. Conservatives show “greater sensitivity to threatening situations”, wishing to avoid risk and uncertainty The study claims that conservatives engage in low-effort thinking, basic, normal… and here comes the saving play ….. perhaps “natural”. If your right amygdala (fear, anxiety) is large, you are probably leaning conservative. But a conservative would explain that by pointing out that the larger left brain might be due to heavy manipulation of reason to arrive at desired liberal posisitions, precisely because they are convoluted and not natural. Another study tells us that while conservatives are sensitive to fear, liberals show “greater emotional distress and lower life satisfaction”. Conservatives “show more activity in their dorsolateral prefrontal cortices… for complex social evaluations” (yeah, that’s me). A 2009 study reveals what most conservatives already know instinctively, that they are “focused on preventing negative outcomes, while liberalism is focused on advancing positive outcomes”. Wow, that must be what they call progress, imposed by rules and regulations. We agree that conservatives protect (conserve) society from harm, while providing a ladder for the uninitiated to climb. Liberalism seeks to offer “group members’ welfare” by , I think, the metaphorical rope with which the young are pulled up by the collective, becoming addicted to effortless progress. We conservatives intuitively seek to avoid disasters whereas liberalism seeks to “progress” often without regard to long-term consequences, including unintended consequences.  Intuitive art clearly tells us that liberalism (especially progressive liberalism) has no agenda except what “sounds good”, often in conflict with the constitution and laws of nature, therefore wishing to be judged by their good intentions. Progressive liberalism seems to believe that the individual is basically bad and that he/she needs to be legislated into good behavior, in essence working against those human tendencies. Do consevatives, therefore, believe that man has basically good leanings and should be left to sink or swim? Yes and no. The ladder is there for the able and willing to climb. Others with less courage or willingness take recourse to the “safety net”, i.e. a helping hand without becoming permanently and comfortably dependent on others.  So, my fellow Americans, ask not which way the political winds blow, but make wind yourself and balance the mass media leanings. For it si written in PEW and GALLUP surveys that more Americans sel-fidentify conservatives than liberals. It is still four to two in favor of the big C.


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