American Multicultural Muddle

Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente is the third Hispanic man in this race for President. Shunned by his own party which excluded him from a discussion forum, he was denied a chance to be counted even as a minor presidential candidate on the Democrat ticket. This real-estate mogul, born in San Diego, CA, was so offended by Trump’s “anti-Mexican” stance that he decided, as his TV commercial illustrates, to dive into this political “pool” (fully clothed) in order to defend the honor of all Spanish-speaking people. He was interviewed by Jorge Ramos, the self-anointed on-air leader of all (illegal) Hispanics and Univision’s nightly news-anchor. In Jorge’s interview and opinion show AL PUNTO (To The Point) of Sunday February 7, 2016, he admonished all Latinos to vote for him because he will “unify all Hispanics” in North America. In fact, he intends to establish a “United States of the Americas from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego”. His statement agrees with a 2013 Hispanic Marketing Study (Latino Boom II) which sounded equally super-Latino-American: the forty-two million Hispanic-Americans will influence if not determine the future of America, and American businesses need to cater to that distinct market. Furthermore, Hispanics are already a “country within a country”. Like Rocky, this study claims that most Hispanics are 100% Latino while also 100% American. The flaw inherent in this attitude is the obvious conflict when voting in important elections: will these super-Americans vote for the American vision or the Latino vision? Many, like Jorge Ramos, are dual-loyalty citizens, voting in US and Mexican elections without any sense of conflict.This is all the more disturbing as there have been other forecasts about a “balkanized” America: In 1998, a Russian Professor predicted an American break-up along national-cultural lines where Europe, Mexico, Canada, Russia and China would virtually embed themselves and influence these regions by 2010.  More recently another author traced the history of the “eleven rival regional cultures of North America” (American Nations, 2011). This work updates the “Nine Nations of North America” authored in 1981 by Joel Garreau. What these studies have in common, is the certainty with which they predict an American disintegration caused by either regional or national cultural differences. But predictions are difficult, especially if they are about the future. While no one seems to have predicted a hyphenated America, there is clear evidence  of an Anglo-America and a Hispanic-America, aided and abetted by our political elites who are guilt-ridden about (white) America’s enviable success story. Declared a “perfect failure” by three European heads-of-state, multiculturalism has created division along cultural lines, and stoked intense competition for special-interest group attention and benefits, over there as over here. It considers all cultures equal, and teaches little about our own culture. The result has been, as Harvard Professor Robert Putnam laid out so clearly, “we have integrated our neighborhoods, but we all go bowling alone” (2000), i.e. without assimilation we socialize within our own cultural groups,thereby deepening the cultural divide.


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