US Exceptionalism: Left-Right Debate

Today, February 3, 2016 I again had the pleasure of watching Dinesh D’Souza debate Bill Ayers on the question of American exceptionalism. Dinesh is my kind of immigrant. He understands American history, its foundational principles, has written books on the subject, including books critical of Barack Obama, and several documentaries about Obama and America. Imagine a world without America. He graduated from Dartmouth in 1983 and was president of New York City College. Bill Ayers is a Chicago native, is an admitted communist sympathizer, a friend of Obama, with a violent background back to the anti Vietnam war protests. He never went to jail for bombing the Pentagon, injuring people while bombing police stations and other “military”-oriented government entities. He was rewarded for his violence by becoming a public employee as an Instructor at the University of Chicago until his recent retirement. Several subjects came up in their responses to questions from the moderator and the audience:

BA (Bill Ayers): all public and private schools need to have similar resources so that poor kids can have a valuable education. Why cannot the Chicago School Superintendent, Arnie Duncan, find a public school within Chicago for his kids? Common Core is bad education because it teaches to standardized tests with simplistic metrics that do not provide an incentive to students. America has been the bully, often violently changing governments. Teachers Union is the “expert” in dealing with public education.

D’S (Dinesh D’Souza): history is badly taught in public schools, all cultures are equal when they are not; colleges are no longer the bastion of “academic freedom” and “free speech” where all points of view are permitted. Ayn Rand understood capitalism’s powerful principles; the world is better off because one nation does not limit one’s earning power by promoting “enlightened self-interest as a virtue”. Liberal college professors have been teaching a negative view of America’s part in shaping the world, which would be much poorer, less advanced without American drive. America has never conquered or colonized another nation, not even stolen their riches, but only liberated them to find their way. Teachers Union put a choke hold on education; bad teachers must be fired.

BA: Wealth gap between rich and poor in the US is the biggest in the world. Military power has prevented others from challenging America’s inordinate power economic power. America has the highest incarceration rates in the world, mostly minorities. The richest country in the world can afford to provide free health-care and free schooling for everyone. Divert military funds to education.

D’D: Would another nation with America’s power be so kind and generous? Wealth and income inequality is a small price to pay for major advanced in science and living standards. Health care and education costs are spiking simply because the beneficiaries of those services do not have to pay for them.

BA: founders were slave owners and institutionalized slavery

D’D: Founders could not have formed the Union of 13 colonies unless they “permitted” slavery which was reality at the time. The Constitution did later correct that error.

BA and D’D: Diversity of thought is no longer standard in the elite colleges. Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom are threatened. Dissent is one sided and politically correct. Students who condemn the Confederate flag for its racist element (my tought) often wear t-shirts of real tyrants such as Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevara

BA: US system is corrupt as it allows free movement of capital through Free Trade Agreements, but limits labor movement. Wars provoked by America create refugees and immigrants.

D’D: being a nation state, we are limited by its definition which includes sovereignty and national security. This means that America has a right to determine who and how many are allowed into the US. There are 2 billion poor people in the world, how many shall we allow to come? even so, large numbers will change the cultural and political values of the nation, as history shows clearly. Immigrants could in fact outvote native-born and install a new system of government, resulting in chaos. They must assimilate to us, not us to them!

D’D: America is the model of the LADDER: where each according to his/her ability can progress at will…. the Left wants the model of the ROPE where they expect to be lifted out of poverty by the nanny state…





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