Immigration Theater of the Absurd

“If you see something, say something”. Which national security issue does this federal government recommendation not apply to?
Illegal immigration pundits on both sides of this stage play say the silliest things, and few realize the hypocrisy, irony and silliness of many of their pronouncements. How many remember or even care that the 1986 Reagan amnesty was to be the final, never-again amnesty for about 1.5 million illegal aliens? It turned out to be exactly double the number, and still the border was never secured. Since then the US has allowed an estimated 11.2 million new illegal aliens, of which 52% come from Mexico. Even among the 28 million “legal” immigrants, Mexicans represent at least 25% of the total, followed by China at 5%. Is this ‘diversity’ in immigration?

According to Pew Hispanic Research, the US has more immigrants (legal and illegal) from Mexico than any other major country has immigrants from all sources. Does this look like diversity? As usual it is government policy that creates these absurd situations. In 1965 Senator Ted Kennedy
led an effort to brand the 1920’s immigration rules, based on country quotas, as discriminatory because they favored Europeans. The 1965 law made “family reunification” a priority, not skills that America might need. This leads to a question that pundits on the Left cannot or will not answer, and pundits on the Right will not answer for fear of being labeled “racist”.

Here is the question: if the pre-1965 country quota system was discriminatory because it favored Europeans, then why is the new/current system not discriminatory as it clearly favors Mexicans and Central Americans? Again, does this look like diversity?

How about this irony? According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) about one million abortions are performed annually, 53 million since Roe V. Wade became law in 1973. This million magically offsets the approximate one million immigrants coming to America annually. And what is the main reason for demanding so many immigrants?

Answer: “Americans do not produce enough babies”.

And what about the thousands of Mexican and Central American children being sent by their mothers through inhospitable territory and foreign lands, for weeks in the care of questionable characters associated with violence, drugs and smuggling? Those mothers are admired and
encouraged for their “humanitarian” motives, but the American mother who inadvertently leaves her child in a hot vehicle for a few minutes is arrested and threatened with jail.

Then there is the matter of remittances: Foreign workers in the US annually send about $42.8 billion to their respective homelands, including $22 billion to Mexico. This amount rivals that country’s income from its crown jewel, the PEMEX oil company (World Bank). These funds are wages not earned by Americans and not spent in the US economy. In the process millions of Americans are deprived of these jobs and resigned to living on unemployment checks.

The most stunning hypocrisy perhaps is the fact that an illegal alien by the name of José Antonio Vargas is currently lecturing Americans on TV about “White Privilege” and unfair treatment of illegal aliens like him! Can you imagine Bernie Madoff lecturing us about excessive punishment for financial crimes?

Finally, consider the matter of assimilation (or lack thereof) as evidenced by the fast-growing Spanish-language media, creating a separate but equal existence for Hispanics! Add to this the blatant disrespect for the rule of law and for America’s foundational principles, and America’s
cultural cohesion will someday yield to cultural conflict. Many felons among them are escaping punishment in one of 100 “sanctuary” cities, all run by Liberals. The consequences of liberal multi-culturalism policies have back-fired. These short-sighted policies have only served to encourage immigrants to live according to their culture, and not adopt the
American culture. No wonder the melting-pot is no more. The pot is melting before our eyes.


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